Landscaping Ideas to Enhance Your Fire Pit

Designing a garden around a backyard fire pit can create a captivating and inviting outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment. First, consider the fire pit’s placement within the backyard; ideally, it should be centrally located, creating a focal point for the garden. Surround the fire pit with a comfortable seating area, using weather-resistant furniture like…

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well-landscaped fire pit area with green chairs surrounding it
teal watering can watering flowers

Summer Watering Tips and Tricks

Watering your plants correctly is incredibly important, especially during the summer months when they may need a little extra care. Here are some watering tips to help keep your plants well-hydrated and thriving throughout the sunny season. Let’s dive in and give your green friends the TLC they deserve! Water deeply: When you water your…

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monarch butterfly resting on yellow coneflower

Plant for Pollinators!

Pollinators such as bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and bats play a crucial role in pollinating flowering plants. By providing them with a diverse range of nectar and pollen sources, we can support the health and abundance of pollinator populations. This, in turn, contributes to the overall biodiversity of ecosystems. Pollinators are essential for the pollination of…

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large buck against forest trees

Protect Trees from Deer Damage Now

If deer are a pest in your yard, consider installing tree protectors this fall around the trunks of young trees. Unfortunately, bucks can cause significant damage to trees by rubbing their antlers against the tree trunks. They do this to mark their territory and to remove the velvet from their antlers. Deer may continue to…

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hydrangea color palette

Create a Garden Color Palette

The most beautiful gardens are generally the most harmonious ones. An easy way to elevate your landscape is to create a color palette for it. Just as you would create one to design your home’s interior, you can create a palette for your home’s exterior living spaces. Begin by identifying the colors in the architectural…

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pond filled with lilly pads

It’s a Myth: Plants Do NOT Prevent Mosquitos

We all know the feeling: It’s a beautiful day, you are enjoying your outdoor spaces and within minutes of soaking up the sun, a pesky, annoying buzz…mosquitoes! You may have read (or seen on TikTok) that certain plants can be used as a solution to this irritating and persistent problem. Lavender, Citronella, Catmint, Bee Balm…

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purple chive blossoms growing

Easy-to-Grow Herbs that are Perfect for Beginners

Growing your own herbs is super easy and you’ll love the benefits of harvesting fresh herbs from the garden! Not only will herbs add a burst of flavor to your meals, they will also add beauty and fragrance to your gardens. Herb plants can be grown just about anywhere there is at least 6 hours…

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