Spring Blooming Shrubs

Is there anything more wonderful than seeing the first signs of spring after a cold, bleak winter? Those first harbingers, such as forsythia and camellia, are such a welcome sign that spring is truly on its way.

More About Spring Blooming Shrubs

Spring flowers come in a procession of blooming times. It is especially nice to plan to have some plants that will bloom in the early-spring, mid-season and then the late-spring to prolong this season’s beauty in your yard for as long as possible. For example, try camellia and pieris for early flowers, azalea and rhododendron for a mid-season show followed by sweetspire and red-twig dogwood for a late-season pop of color.

Spring flowers are essential for busy butterflies, hummingbirds, bees and other pollinators. Not only are these garden friends fun to watch, they help to increase the productivity of your vegetable and cut flower gardens.

Some flowering shrubs are wonderfully fragrant. Try planting lilacs and gardenia close to decks and patios and breathe in their fabulous aromas. These same flowers are also terrific for cutting for vases and flower arrangements.

There’s a spring-blooming shrub for just about any spot in your garden. Deutzia, gardenia and sweetspire are perfect in small spaces. Azalea, camellia and fothergilla are popular mid-sized growers and make lovely hedges. Forsythia, lilac and viburnums are terrific choices for the back of the garden.

There’s nothing like the magic of spring! You’ll want to plant these spring-flowering shrubs now so you can enjoy the full extent of their glory!