Plant for the Planet

Plant for the Planet

Stadler Nurseries Plant for the Planet Program offers an easy and budget-friendly way for homeowners, schools, HOAs, places of worship and other organizations to make a meaningful contribution to helping Mother Earth!

We all know that trees are super-heroes for the environment acting as nature’s air purifiers, absorbing carbon dioxide and filling the air with oxygen, providing habitat and food for wildlife and pollinators, as well as adding beauty to the natural surroundings.

Here’s How We Can Grow Together

We’ll deliver and plant 20 native trees on your organization’s property for

  • $1000 in Montgomery County
  • $1500 in Frederick, Howard, Prince Georges and Carroll Counties
  • $2000 in other states and within 30 miles of one of our locations

We have a wide selection of trees for you to chose from or we can create a package for you. The trees are in 5 and 7 gal containers and are 5–7’ tall—a perfect size to ensure the greatest success. Price variances are due to available Montgomery County discount coupons. Planting includes delivery, individual mulch ring, compost and stake. Wire deer protection cages can be installed for $25 per tree, if needed.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to Plant for the Planet! For more details and to place an order, reach out to Manoella at 301.944.1190 #1. Let’s grow together!

Ideas for Planting Trees

Tree Planting Plan
Tree Grove Planting Plan