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The Blueberry Shrub: A Perfect Blend of Beauty and Bounty for Your Garden

When considering additions to your garden, the humble blueberry shrub may not be the first plant that springs to mind. However, these versatile and attractive plants offer far more than just a delicious harvest of berries. Incorporating blueberry shrubs into your landscape design can offer many benefits, from aesthetic appeal to ecological value. Let’s explore…

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blueberries on a blueberry shrub
row of green privacy trees

How Many Privacy Trees Do I Need?

Whether our desire is for privacy, to block an unsightly view or to create a wind barrier, sometimes we need a privacy screen and fast! The natural inclination is to plant trees close together. While this practice may achieve an instant screen, planting trees too close together is generally not sustainable for the trees’ long-term…

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bee resting on an apple blossom flower

Let’s Plant Trees for the Pollinators!

Have you ever stopped to marvel at the beauty of a tree in full bloom? Beyond just being pretty to look at, those trees are doing some serious work behind the scenes, especially when it comes to our buzzing friends: pollinators! Now you might be wondering, how exactly do trees benefit these busy pollinators? First…

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beautifully landscaped flower bed

The Garden’s Best Friend: Mulch

The Importance of Mulch Mulch can be a gardener’s best friend. It adds fabulous curb appeal as well as providing many benefits to the plants. A covering of mulch makes any garden look better. Mulch is a form of ground covering and is used around trees and shrubs, around the house foundation, under hedges, in vegetable…

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Mulch & Ground Cover Guides

Mulching Guide To use this chart, begin by selecting your required mulching depth in one of the first three columns. Within that column, select the square footage that is the nearest match to, but at least as much as, the area you will be mulching. Then simply follow that row across to determine how many…

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home with beautiful landscaping

Right Plant – Right Place

Tips for Low-Maintenance Gardening “Low-maintenance”” is a plant feature that is at the top of just about everyone’s wish list. Here’s a secret: Most plants are low-maintenance, if they are planted in the right spot! For example, let’s say you want to plant evergreen shrubs along the front of your house, and there are windows that…

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