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The Marvelous History of Chrysanthemums: Blooms of Elegance and Significance

Chrysanthemums, often affectionately called “mums,” are flowers of remarkable beauty and cultural significance that have captured the hearts of people across the world for centuries. Their rich history is a tale of beauty, elegance, and meaning, making them an enduring symbol of love, honor, and longevity. Chrysanthemums are native to China, where they have been…

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yellow chrysanthemum flower
butterfly resting on a pollinator friendly purple fall aster

Planting for Pollinators: Embracing Nature’s Bounty in the Fall

As the colors of summer gradually fade and the air turns crisp, many might assume that gardening season is winding down. However, that’s not entirely true! Fall presents a wonderful opportunity to continue our efforts in supporting pollinators and creating a vibrant ecosystem in our gardens. By choosing the right plants and taking a few…

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well-landscaped fire pit area with green chairs surrounding it

Landscaping Ideas to Enhance Your Fire Pit

Designing a garden around a backyard fire pit can create a captivating and inviting outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment. First, consider the fire pit’s placement within the backyard; ideally, it should be centrally located, creating a focal point for the garden. Surround the fire pit with a comfortable seating area, using weather-resistant furniture like…

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teal watering can watering flowers

Summer Watering Tips and Tricks

Watering your plants correctly is incredibly important, especially during the summer months when they may need a little extra care. Here are some watering tips to help keep your plants well-hydrated and thriving throughout the sunny season. Let’s dive in and give your green friends the TLC they deserve! Water deeply: When you water your…

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monarch butterfly resting on yellow coneflower

Plant for Pollinators!

Pollinators such as bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and bats play a crucial role in pollinating flowering plants. By providing them with a diverse range of nectar and pollen sources, we can support the health and abundance of pollinator populations. This, in turn, contributes to the overall biodiversity of ecosystems. Pollinators are essential for the pollination of…

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green ornamental grass with brown patches

Do Your Ornamental Grasses Look Like This?

Ornamental grasses are a wonderful addition to almost any landscape. They offer year-round color, texture, and movement in the garden. They are versatile and so easy to grow.  Occasionally, however, they look like this when they come up in the spring. It is a sure sign that they need to be divided. Ornamental grasses usually…

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