Evergreen Shrubs

We think evergreen shrubs are the versatile superstars of the garden! They are the essential foundations of a beautifully designed garden. What sets evergreen plants apart from other plants is that they do not drop their leaves in the fall. We can rely on them to offer year-round color and texture, providing most of the color you’ll see during the winter months. Essentially, we can depend on them for their constant good looks!

More About Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreens make perfect backgrounds, borders and barriers. Think of green-leaved evergreens as the “little black dresses” of the garden. They create a backdrop for the garden “jewels” – the plants that bloom or have interesting leaf colors, allowing them to really pop. Or you can consider green-leaved evergreens the “white space” of the garden, giving your eyes a place to rest as they take in all of the splendid colors of the garden.

Just as importantly, evergreens can be used to make year-round garden borders and privacy screens. Border plants delineate areas within the garden, creating unique garden “rooms.” Border hedges are typically designed to be waist-high or shorter. Boxwoods are a favorite border plant. Privacy screens generally need to grow to at least 6′ tall. Laurels and arborvitae are fantastic examples of privacy screens that make a handsome evergreen hedge. You’ll probably need at least one row of evergreens to create your private backyard oasis or to hide from nosy neighbors!

Not all evergreens are simply green. Some evergreens, such as hollies, produce berries in the fall and winter. These shiny red berries liven the winter landscape and are loved by birds. Other evergreens offer vibrant foliage colors. For example, Gold Mop cypress is bright gold, shining its way brilliantly through winter and Blue Star juniper is a glimmering blue gem year-round.

Enjoy perusing our collection of evergreens! We are sure you’ll find something to love!