Guarantee Policy

  1. If any plant covered by our guarantee dies within the first year, we will provide a one-time replacement for that plant. If purchased, a second-year guarantee is not transferable to the replacement plant.
  2. Deciduous trees and shrubs purchased and planted while dormant are guaranteed to come into foliage the first growing season after purchase.
  3. Your original receipt or contract must accompany your written notification of complaint. No other documentation of purchase in lieu of the original receipt will be accepted.
  4. If we did the original planting, the labor to replace a guaranteed plant is included in the replacement of the original plant.
  5. We have the option to inspect the plant or plants complained of.
  6. Plants not covered by our guarantee are as follows:  annuals, perennials, hybrid roses, sod, houseplants, living Christmas trees, plants in above-ground containers, plants that have been replaced once already, plants purchased at clearance prices and reforestation plants, indicated by an “N)” preceding the plant name on your receipt.
  7. The guarantees contained herein apply provided the charges have been paid in full accordance with the contract, and providing the plant has received proper care from the owner (including watering, feeding, spraying for disease and insect control). This guarantee also does not cover losses due to drought, storms, severe winters, animal damage, or other factors beyond our control. Plant performance, such as flowering, leaf color, and rate of growth, are not guaranteed.
  8. The Purchaser waives all statutory warranties and all warranties implied by law in connection with the purchase of these plants, and agrees that the only warranties made by us are those set forth on this page.