Community Giving

Stadler Nurseries is committed to our community in and around Maryland & Virginia. We are pleased to offer:

  • $500 grants to local schools for planting projects though our Grants for Gardens program (Please click here for more information).
  • Gift cards to be used for community auctions, raffles or other fundraisers
  • Fundraising Program for any non-profit group (Please click here for more information.)
  • While we do not provide plant donations outside of our grant program, we do offer plant discounts to Eagle Scouts and other groups doing planting for community projects. We also provide discounts for non-profit groups wanting to purchase plants to honor volunteers. Please provide a plant list when requesting a discount.
  • We offer discounts to members of various gardening groups such as Friends of Brookside Gardens and Master Gardeners as well as discounts for schools and churches.

At this time, we do not provide individual sponsorships, plant donations, advertisements or cash donations.

If you would like to request a donation for your organization, please complete our donation request form and submit it with any corresponding organization materials. We will respond within 3 weeks of the date of your request.