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Winter Pruning Tips: Deciduous Plants

Winter is an excellent time to prune deciduous trees and shrubs. It is easier to prune because you can more clearly see the structure of the plant without all the leaves attached. It is also healthier for the plant to prune it while it is dormant. If you wait until spring during the flush of…

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branches being trimmed by hedge trimmers
hydrangeas in small garden

Fall Care for Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are one of the most popular blooming plants. And for good reason! Their spectacular white, blue, pink or red flowers provide a splash of color to the landscape. Most varieties are super long-blooming, offering months and months of stunning flowers. Hydrangeas are easy to care for. There are a couple tricks to making sure…

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person raking leaves with red rake

Raking Leaves Not as Good as Mowing Them!

Next to pulling weeds, raking leaves is probably our least favorite garden task. But wait! The fallen leaves can actually be a great benefit to your lawn. Instead of raking, bagging and disposing of the leaves, use a mulching mower and turn the leaves into compost. Benefits of Mulching Leaves – What’s not to Love?…

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