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10 Ways to Care for Indoor Plants in Winter

Your houseplants may be warm and cozy inside, but they still know it’s winter. Their outdoor cousins have already become dormant, slowing their growth and focusing on conserving their energy until the longer days and warmer temperatures of spring encourage them to emerge. Your houseplants may be safe from the elements, but they will still…

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indoor houseplants on shelves
woman in light teal hat tending to a garden

Dividing to Multiply

I’m sure you have heard that perennials should be divided, but what does that mean? How do you do it? And when? With a few guidelines, you’ll be a pro at this simple garden task. Division is one of the best ways to multiply the number of plants in your garden and, better yet, it’s…

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hedges lining paths and gardens

Designing Your Landscape With Hedges

We find that the most beautiful and intriguing gardens make use of hedges to create a bit of mystery, to encourage flow throughout the garden and to make unique garden rooms. Hedges can also create privacy, define spaces, add linear structure, or be used as a living fence. Hedges are shrubs that are planted so…

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small white flowering shrub

The Perfect Small Flowering Shrub

Here’s a plant to get excited about! Rose Creek Abelia blooms its head off all summer and is super easy to care for. The first thing to love is its size. This compact shrub grows just 3-4′ tall and wide. You’ll never need to prune it! And it grows well in full-sun to partial-shade, so…

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brick house with nice landscaping

What is the Right Tree for Your Space?

Selecting a new tree to plant is exciting! Beautiful trees can make such a huge difference in the appearance of your home and garden. What type of tree to plant can be a big decision – there are so many varieties to choose from. How can you narrow down the field to select the perfect…

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white hawthorn winter king

How To Select The Best Native Trees For Your Yard

When you’re looking to spruce up your home’s curb appeal, few things make as big of an impact in your yard as trees. They’re beautiful accents in the landscape, but did you know that planting them in your yard is great for the environment, too? It’s estimated that just one mature tree can filter about…

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purple flowers planted in wooden flower box

What’s Your Garden Vibe?

Before you plant a new garden, whether it is in the ground or in a container, think about the vibe you want to create. Rustic wildflowers? Bold tropical? Soothing Zen? Modern Contemporary? What color palette will best compliment this year’s outdoor activities? Here are some quick ideas to get you pointed in the right direction….

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