Accent Plants

Are you looking for that singular, amazing plant that will stop you in your tracks? Accent plants are unique and have at least one remarkable standout feature that are often used to draw attention to special sections of the garden. Place an accent plant in a container on either side of your entranceway, along a border that needs some spicing up, or to accentuate an outdoor room. Use an accent plant wherever there is a space that you feel does not quite pop and could use a little lift.

Showing 1–12 of 89 results

Showing 1–12 of 89 results

More About Accent Plants

Get creative with your accent plants! The key is to choose a plant or several plants that stand out, or are quite different than your current palette of plants. An accent plant could have bright bold colors, unusual foliage or have a unique size or shape. Almost anything goes!

Looking for a few ideas to get you started? If you are planting an evergreen privacy hedge, consider planting accent plants in front of it, transforming the hedge into a green canvas to accentuate the accent plants. If you have a big bed of ground covers, try adding an eye-catching plant that stands out above the lower growing plants. If you are out of space in your beds you can plant an accent plant in a gorgeous container and place it where the garden needs a focal point. This way you can even move it around if you change your mind!

Look through our fun collection of accent plants and let’s get started!