How Many Privacy Trees Do I Need?

Whether our desire is for privacy, to block an unsightly view or to create a wind barrier, sometimes we need a privacy screen and fast! The natural inclination is to plant trees close together. While this practice may achieve an instant screen, planting trees too close together is generally not sustainable for the trees’ long-term…

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row of green privacy trees
butterfly resting on a pollinator friendly purple fall aster

Planting for Pollinators: Embracing Nature’s Bounty in the Fall

As the colors of summer gradually fade and the air turns crisp, many might assume that gardening season is winding down. However, that’s not entirely true! Fall presents a wonderful opportunity to continue our efforts in supporting pollinators and creating a vibrant ecosystem in our gardens. By choosing the right plants and taking a few…

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well-landscaped fire pit area with green chairs surrounding it

Landscaping Ideas to Enhance Your Fire Pit

Designing a garden around a backyard fire pit can create a captivating and inviting outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment. First, consider the fire pit’s placement within the backyard; ideally, it should be centrally located, creating a focal point for the garden. Surround the fire pit with a comfortable seating area, using weather-resistant furniture like…

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pond surrounded by trees

Great Trees for Wet or Moist Areas

More yards have wet areas than you would think, and tree decline due to the roots having “wet feet” is becoming more common. Some wet/moist areas are naturally occurring, such as swales, low points in the grade and areas near water, and it makes sense to the home gardener that those areas may retain water. …

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hydrangea color palette

Create a Garden Color Palette

The most beautiful gardens are generally the most harmonious ones. An easy way to elevate your landscape is to create a color palette for it. Just as you would create one to design your home’s interior, you can create a palette for your home’s exterior living spaces. Begin by identifying the colors in the architectural…

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assortment of zinnia flowers

The Best Deer-Proof Plants for a Cutting Garden

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? They’re even better when you grow your own to cut and enjoy all summer. But have you ever gone to cut a bouquet only to find the deer ate your flowers for breakfast? We’re here to help with a list of some of the most deer-resistant plants. These beauties also…

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