Coneflower Magnus

Botanical Name: Echinacea purpurea 'Magnus'


1 Gallon
Coneflowers are one of the most iconic American wildflowers. 'Magnus' stays true to the native coloring, with a more compact size and petals that radiate straight out from the center cone.
  • Long blooming, rosy purple petals shoot straight out from a dark cone
  • An essential native for the wildflower garden
  • Songbirds feast on the seeds buried in the large center cone
  • Butterflies and pollinators will flock to the flowers
  • Excellent cutting flower
  • Drought tolerant, once established
  • Blooms in summer
  • Full Sun to Part Sun
  • 30-36" tall by 12-18" wide
  • Perennial
  • Zone: 3 to 8

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