Blanket Flower Mesa Yellow

Botanical Name: Gaillardia x grandiflora MESA 'Yellow'


1 Gallon
Cheerful sunny yellow flowers start blooming in early summer and keep on going until fall. You'll have plenty to cut to bring inside. Attracts songbirds and butterflies.
  • You just can't go wrong with this so-easy-to-grow stunning performer
  • Sunny yellow flowers pair beautifully with all other flower colors
  • A delightful accent to any garden design
  • Good soil drainage is essential
  • Drought tolerant, once established
  • Good soil drainage is important for this beauty
  • Blooms summer through fall
  • Full Sun
  • 14-16" tall by 20-22" wide
  • Perennial
  • Zone: 5 to 9

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