Privacy Plants

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Showing 25–35 of 35 results

More About Privacy Plants

There are situations where planting for privacy is essential and only a “green wall” will do. It is best to use evergreens in these areas. Taller-growing trees, such as Leyland cypress and Green Giant arborvitae are ideal for screening large areas. They grow very quickly, providing near-instant privacy. Skip laurel and Emerald Green arborvitae are two of the most popular medium-growing privacy screens. These are also fast-growing.

Perhaps you only need to screen a small area. For example, perhaps you want to hide pool equipment, AC units or a wood pile. Consider planting Steeds holly or Sky Pencil holly, both evergreens, in these locations.

When selecting a privacy plant, you will need to decide whether you need a year-round evergreen screen. If not, there are many lovely flowering shrubs, such as viburnums and hydrangeas, that are perfect for outdoor sitting areas. They will create a privacy border for most of the year and will drop their leaves in the winter so you can enjoy the wintery landscape beyond.