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Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana)

Eastern Red Cedar

An excellent specimen, grouping, and screening plant; useful for windbreaks, shelter belts, hedges, and topiary work. A very useful contributor to our everyday landscape. Its wood is used for cedar chests, closet linings, pencils, carving, and small ornamental work. The exfoliating bark and the beautiful cones contribute to its value in the landscape.

Size: 40 to 50 feet high, 8 to 20 feet wide (extremely variable over an extensive range)

Shape: Densely pyramidal in youth and slightly pendulous at maturity.

Cones: Shining brown cones are attractive; some appear almost blue, and frosted.

Color: Medium green, sage-green to blue-green in summer, becoming bronze to yellow brown in winter.

Rate of Growth: Medium

Other Attributes: Bruised needles smell like a cedar chest or closet. The bark is a handsome grayish to reddish brown, exfoliating in long strips. Female trees have various colored cones, greenish to frosted blue, and are so abundant that the tree looks like it's glowing.

Growing Conditions: Prefers a sunny, airy location. Adaptable to various soil conditions.

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