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American Yellowwood (Cladrastis kentukea (lutea))

American Yellowwood

An incredibly beautiful native flowering tree. Perfect white blossoms hang down like wisteria and cover the tree. Bright green leaves that turn yellow in the fall and dark, sleek bark make the Yellowwood a tree with four-season appeal. An unusual and rare tree.

Size: 30 to 50 feet high and 40 to 55 feet wide.

Shape: Usually low branched with broad rounded crown.

Flowers: Fragrant white flowers in late May to early June. Generally will not flower until several years old. May flower in alternate years or every third year. Well worth the wait!

Fall Color: Yellow to golden yellow.

Rate of Growth: Medium (8 to 12 feet over 8 to 10 year period).

Other Attributes: A nice shade tree for small areas. Moderately drought tolerant once established. Prune in summer after flowering (bleeds if pruned in winter or spring).

Growing Conditions: Plant in full sun in average, well-drained soil.

Prices vary according to size, variety, and availability.

Please Note: Trees cannot be shipped outside of the DC/Baltimore Metropolitan areas. Tree prices and sizes are subject to change.


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