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Arborvitae (Thuja spp.)


This species and its cultivars are used commonly in landscapes as screens, hedges, around foundations, in groupings, or as free standing specimens. Very durable and adaptable to many soils. Can be pruned as a hedge.

Size: varies by variety

Shape: Pyramidal

Color: Rich green in summer, to bronze green in winter

Rate of Growth: varies by variety

Other Attributes: Once established, it is fairly tolerant of heat and drought.

Growing Conditions: Best planted in full sun to partial shade in well-drained soil; protect from strong wind, snow or ice damage.

Other / Related Varieties:

Emerald Green: (Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd') - narrow, compact pyramidal form; 10-15' high by 3-4' wide; bright, lustrous, emerald green foliage that does not discolor in winter like many forms; displays excellent heat and cold tolerance.

growth rate is slow to medium

Green Giant: (Thuja plicata 'Green Giant') - broad-pyramidal habit with lustrous rich medium-green summer foliage. Grows 30-40' high by 10-15' wide.

growth rate is moderate to fast

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