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Crabapple (Malus spp)



The crabapple is a small-sized ornamental tree for use as a specimen in small spaces. They offer a large diversity in leaf and flower color. They also produce small fruit (apples for jelly if you like) of different colors. The varieties listed below are resistant to the diseases that afflict the older crabapple varieties, most notably fireblight and scab.

Size: See listing

Shape: See listing

Flowers: See listing

Fall Color: Variable

Rate of Growth: Slow

Other Attributes: Few if any other trees have the multitude and intensity of colors as crabapples. The flower buds hold as much interest as the flowers themselves in that their color may be different or more intense. Many also offer interesting plant structure. Unlike the older varieties of crabapple, the fruit on the newer varieties tends to hang on the tree until dried or eaten by birds, rather than litter the ground.

Growing Conditions: Crabapples are adaptable to a variety of growing conditions but prefer full sun and acid, moist, well drained soil.

Other / Related Varieties:

Crabapple - Malus spp.
Variety Flower Color Fruit Color Shape
Floribunda Deep Pink to Red Gradually Fading to White in Spring Yellow and Red, Usually not Persistent Broad-Rounded, 15 - 25' high and wide
Katherine Deep Pink Buds Opening to Double Pink Flowers fading to White in Spring Yellow with Red Cheek Open-Rounded, 20' high and wide
Prairie Fire Red Buds Opening to Dark Purplish Red in Spring Dark Red - Purple Rounded, 20' high and wide
Robinson Crimson Bud Opening to Deep Pink in Spring Dark Red Upright Spreading, 25' high and wide
Royalty Single, Crimson almost Purple in Spring Dark Red - Purple Upright, 15 - 20' high and wide
Snowdrift Single, Pink Buds Opening White in Spring Orange - Red Rounded, 15 - 20' high and wide
Sugar Tyme Pale Pink Buds Opening to White, Fragrant Red Upright-Oval, 18' high and 15' wide
Zumi Pink Buds Opening to White in Spring Red Pyramidal, 20' high and wide

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