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Deciduous Magnolias (Magnolia spp.)

Deciduous Magnolias

Deciduous Magnolias

Deciduous Magnolias

Deciduous magnolias, considered to be a small tree or large bush, provide early to mid-spring flowering interest in the garden. They are very attractive as a specimen or in the shrub border. Although deciduous magnolias are quite hardy, the early bloomers, e.g., the Star Magnolia, are sometimes affected by late frosts. The Little Girl hybrids (Anne, Jane, etc.), developed by the U.S. National Arboretum, bloom a bit later in the spring thus avoiding frost damage in most years. Below is listed a group of deciduous magnolias that do well in the Washington D.C. area.

Size: See listing below

Shape: Upright to broad

Flowers: See listing below

Fall Color: Variable

Rate of Growth: Slow to medium

Growing Conditions: Plant in full sun to partial shade in deep, rich, moist, well-drained soil. To reduce chances for frost damage, it is best not to plant early bloomers in frost pockets (low lying areas) or on south side of property.

Other / Related Varieties:

Magnolias - Little Girl Varieties
Variety Flowers Size
Betty Burgundy-Pink Mid-Spring 16 - 20' tall and wide
Jane Red-Purple Mid-Spring 10 - 15' tall
10 - 12' wide
Star Magnolia - Magnolia stellata
Variety Flowers Size
Star Fragrant White Early Spring 15 - 20' tall
10 - 15' wide
Royal Star Pink Buds opening to Fragrant White Early Spring 10 - 12' tall and wide
Other Magnolia Varieties of Interest
Variety Flowers Size
Sweet Bay Magnolia
M. virginiana
Fragrant creamy white Spring 15-20' tall and wide
Saucer Magnolia
M. x soulangiana
White to Pink to Purple Early March 20 -30' tall and wide
M.acuminata x M.denudata
Deep Yellow May to Early June 20 - 25' tall
15 - 20' wide
Dr Merrill
M. x loebneri
Fragrant White Mid Spring 20 - 25' tall and wide
M. lilliflora x M. Sprengeri 'Diva'
Reddish Purple Late Spring 30 - 40' tall
15 - 20' wide

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