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Weeping Cherry (Prunus subhirtella 'Pendula')

Weeping Cherry

Weeping Cherry

The graceful weeping branches make this a popular accent tree. During the spring, when in bloom, the tree looks like a waterfall of flowers.

Size: 15 to 40 feet high and wide. Note: Grafted trees grow to the lower end of the scale, trees growing on their own roots grow to 40 feet. Most weeping cherries are grafted

Shape: Weeping

Flowers: Delicate pale pink blooms in spring

Fall Color: Yellow

Rate of Growth: Fast

Other Attributes: Moderately drought tolerant once established.

Growing Conditions: Plant in full sun in average, well-drained soil.

Other / Related Varieties: Weeping 'Snow Fountains' (Prunus x 'snofozam') - A semi-weeper with snow white flowers that grows 6'-12' high and wide. Lovely gold and orange hues in fall.

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