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October Glory Red Maple (Acer rubrum 'October Glory')

October Glory Red Maple

An excellent shade tree for the lawn or street with gorgeous fall color. It is durable: the Eveready Bunny of shade trees. Similar to the 'Red Sunset' Red Maple, differing slightly in color and timing of fall foliage, and in growth habit.

Size: 40 to 50 feet high and 35 to 40 feet wide

Shape: Oval-rounded

Fall Color: Brilliant crimson red color. Retains leaves and fall color longer than other varieties. Usually colors-up a little later than the \'Red Sunset\' Red Maple

Rate of Growth: Fast (10 to 12 feet in 5 to 7 years)

Other Attributes: The bark is smooth and light gray on young trees, developing to darker gray with ridges and furrows as tree ages. Moderately drought tolerant, once established. Native.

Growing Conditions: Best planted in full sun to partial shade in moist, well-drained soil, but is adaptable to various soils. Tolerates occasional flooding and exhibits some salt tolerance.

Prices vary according to size, variety, and availability.

Please Note: Trees cannot be shipped outside of the DC/Baltimore Metropolitan areas. Tree prices and sizes are subject to change.


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