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Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum)

Sugar Maple

The Sugar Maple is a handsome shade tree. It is excellent when planted as a lawn or street tree. The upright oval shape makes it a perfect candidate for lining driveways. The dark green leaves of summer develop into a rich palette of autumn splendor in the fall.

Size: 60 to 80 feet high and 40 to 60 feet wide

Shape: Upright oval to rounded

Fall Color: Burnt orange and yellow with some hints of red

Rate of Growth: Medium to fast

Other Attributes: The oval shape of this tree makes it a nice choice for around decks if you don't want branches growing out over the living space. Beautiful when planted in groups of 3 or 5.

Growing Conditions: Plant in full sun to partial shade in an area with plenty of room for growth. Prefers well-drained, evenly moist soils.

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