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Cleveland Select Pear (Pyrus calleryana 'Cleveland Select')

Cleveland Select Pear

A medium to large sized ornamental tree, the `Cleveland Select' Pear is the closest in appearance to the Bradford Pear. The Cleveland Select (aka 'Chanticleer') offers the same magnificent blooms, fall color, and shape, fortunately, is much longer-lived and does not break apart like the Bradford.

Size: 35 to 40 feet high and 15 to 25 feet wide

Shape: Columnar-pyramidal

Flowers: Profuse white blossoms in early spring

Fall Color: Reddish-purple

Rate of Growth: Fast (12 feet over 6 years)

Other Attributes: Excellent tree to line driveways or other formal plantings. Drought tolerant once established.

Growing Conditions: Plant in full sun in average well-drained soil.

Prices vary according to size, variety, and availability.

Please Note: Trees cannot be shipped outside of the DC/Baltimore Metropolitan areas. Tree prices and sizes are subject to change.


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