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Serviceberry 'Autumn Brilliance' (Amelanchier x grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance')

Serviceberry 'Autumn Brilliance'

Serviceberry 'Autumn Brilliance'

A lovely, small, native tree, excellent for naturalizing at the edge of woodlands or used as a specimen.

Size: 20 to 25 feet high and wide

Shape: Upright vase-shape, may be multi-stemmed

Flowers: Showy white flowers in spring (Usually early to mid-April)

Fall Color: Brilliant red

Rate of Growth: Medium (10 feet in a 5 to 8 year period)

Other Attributes: Its sweet edible berries ripen in June, and are relished by the birds. The smooth gray bark is also ornamental. (A selection of a naturally occurring hybrid between Amelanchier arborea and A. laevis.)

Growing Conditions: Prefers partial shade to sun. Will tolerate moist soil.

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