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American White Dogwood (Cornus florida)

American White Dogwood

American White Dogwood

American White Dogwood

The queen of native flowering trees with four-season interest. The dogwood makes an excellent specimen tree, near a patio, on corners of houses, or in groupings. The show of flowers is particularly spectacular when the dogwood is planted in front of evergreens, as the dark green background accentuates the blossoms. Dogwoods also look very nice at the edge of the woods, which is their natural habitat.

Size: 20 to 25 feet high and wide

Shape: Rounded, low-branched tree with horizontally growing branches

Flowers: Showy white flowers (actually bracts in botanical terms) in late April to early May

Fall Color: Excellent red to reddish-purple

Rate of Growth: Slow to medium

Other Attributes: Clusters of red berries in the fall which the birds much appreciate

Growing Conditions: Plant in partial shade in rich, acid, well-drained average soil. Will tolerate full shade but flowering will be limited. (Dogwoods are often planted in full sun where they suffer stress and do not do well.) Requires supplemental watering during times of drought

Other / Related Varieties:

Cherokee Princess (Cornus florida 'Cherokee Princess') - A heavy-flowering dogwood that can have white flowers (bracts) up to 5 inches in diameter. Considered to be more anthracnose resistant than the straight species.

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