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American Pink Dogwood (Cornus florida var. Rubra)

American Pink Dogwood

American Pink Dogwood

The sister to the native American White Dogwood. Similarly, it makes an excellent ornamental specimen near a patio, on corners of homes, or in groupings. Also useful for naturalizing at the edge of woods.

Size: 20 to 25 feet high and wide

Shape: Rounded, low-branched tree with horizontally growing branches

Flowers: Bright pink flowers in late April to early March

Fall Color: Excellent red to reddish purple

Rate of Growth: Slow to medium

Other Attributes: Bright red berries in the fall that the birds enjoy

Growing Conditions: Plant in partial shade in rich, acid, moist well-drained soil. Will tolerate full shade but flowering will be diminished. (American Dogwoods are placed in too much stress if planted in full sun.) Provide supplementary watering in times of drought.

Other / Related Varieties: Cherokee Brave (Cornus florida 'Cherokee Brave') - Vigorous grower, reddish pink flowers with a white center.

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