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  1. Allee Elm - Ulmus parviflora
    A very durable tree having the outline of the American Elm tree, thus making it a suitable replacement in large landscapes. The Allee Elm is a stately tree for use as a spec... [ More ]
  2. American Pink Dogwood - Cornus florida var. Rubra
    The sister to the native American White Dogwood. Similarly, it makes an excellent ornamental specimen near a patio, on corners of homes, or in groupings. Also useful for nat... [ More ]
  3. American White Dogwood - Cornus florida
    The queen of native flowering trees with four-season interest. The dogwood makes an excellent specimen tree, near a patio, on corners of houses, or in groupings. The show of ... [ More ]
  4. American Yellowwood - Cladrastis kentukea (lutea)
    An incredibly beautiful native flowering tree. Perfect white blossoms hang down like wisteria and cover the tree. Bright green leaves that turn yellow in the fall and dark,... [ More ]
  5. Arborvitae - Thuja spp.
    This species and its cultivars are used commonly in landscapes as screens, hedges, around foundations, in groupings, or as free standing specimens. Very durable and adaptable... [ More ]
  6. Armstrong Columnar Red Maple - Acer rubrum 'Armstrong'
    A compact, narrow growing red maple for smaller spaces or for use as an unusual accent or specimen tree. Fits in nicely between the sidewalk and road curb. A kin of the 'Octo... [ More ]
  7. Autumnalis Cherry - Prunus subhirtella 'Autumnalis'
    A medium-sized ornamental tree that is among the earliest to bloom in early spring and interestingly, has occasional blooms in the fall.... [ More ]
  8. Bakeri Spruce - Picea pungens 'Bakeri'
    A cultivar of the Colorado Blue Spruce that is a bit more irregular and informal in appearance, with a uniformly gray-blue color. Deserving of use as a specimen or for groupi... [ More ]
  9. Bald Cypress - Taxodium distichum
    Europeans consider the Common Baldcypress one of the finest North American trees. A stately deciduous tree with interesting texture and form. This distinctive specimen makes... [ More ]
  10. Black Gum - Nyssa sylvatica
    One of the best, most consistent and most beautiful trees in fall. Excellent specimen tree and acceptable street tree in residential areas. Oblong, 1/2", bluish black fruit... [ More ]
  11. Bloodgood Japanese Maple - Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood'
    One of the most popular red-leaved Japanese maples: the standard by which others are judged. The Bloodgood has very good deep red leaves that hold their color well into the ... [ More ]
  12. Blue Atlas Cedar - Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca'
    The Blue Atlas Cedar is an extremely picturesque and interesting evergreen tree. The steel blue needles provide year-round color. Plant as a specimen tree in an area with plen... [ More ]
  13. Canadian Hemlock - Tsuga canadensis
    Hemlocks are one of the most graceful evergreen trees. They make an excellent specimen, accent, or screening plant. Because it is one of the few conifers that can be sheared... [ More ]
  14. Cleveland Select Pear - Pyrus calleryana 'Cleveland Select'
    A medium to large sized ornamental tree, the `Cleveland Select' Pear is the closest in appearance to the Bradford Pear. The Cleveland Select (aka 'Chanticleer') offers the... [ More ]
  15. Colorado Spruce - Picea pungens
    A popular specimen tree, which also looks lovely planted in groups. The stiff and dense branches create a formal effect. The color of the needles can vary considerably in col... [ More ]
  16. Crabapple - Malus spp
    The crabapple is a small-sized ornamental tree for use as a specimen in small spaces. They offer a large diversity in leaf and flower color. They also produce small fruit (ap... [ More ]
  17. Crapemyrtle - Lagerstroemia indica x Lagerstroemia faurei
    Crapemyrtles are extremely useful summer flowering plants with varieties ranging in size from 5 to 25 feet. There are even some miniatures growing to 18 to 24 inches. The hybr... [ More ]
  18. Cumulus Serviceberry - Amelanchier laevis 'Cumulus'
    A small to medium sized ornamental tree that looks particularly good in naturalistic plantings, such as the edges of woodlands. May also be used in shrub borders, and around p... [ More ]
  19. Dawn Redwood - Metasequoia glyptostroboides
    A deciduous conifer deserving much more use in the landscape. Can be used for screening, as a large accent or specimen, for grouping in large areas, and for lining long drive... [ More ]
  20. Deciduous Magnolias - Magnolia spp.
    Deciduous magnolias, considered to be a small tree or large bush, provide early to mid-spring flowering interest in the garden. They are very attractive as a specimen or in ... [ More ]
  21. Deodar Cedar - Cedrus deodara
    The most popular landscape cedar, principally because of its fast growth and branch density in youth. Fluffy and dense, becoming more open and artistic with age. Blue-green ... [ More ]
  22. Dissectum-Type Japanese Maples - Acer palmatum var. dissectum
    Below are listed several varieties of the Dissectum Group of Japanese maples. These are often referred to as Laceleaf Maples, Fern Leaf Maples, Thread Leaf Maples, Cut Leaf Ma... [ More ]
  23. Eastern Red Cedar - Juniperus virginiana
    An excellent specimen, grouping, and screening plant; useful for windbreaks, shelter belts, hedges, and topiary work. A very useful contributor to our everyday landscape. It... [ More ]
  24. Eastern Redbud - Cercis canadensis
    A small to medium size native, ornamental tree. May be used as a specimen, in groupings, or for naturalizing the woodland. In addition to the species, there are varieties (l... [ More ]
  25. European Hornbeam - Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata'
    A superb medium-sized oval tree of uniform proportions, the European Hornbeam functions equally well as a single specimen, in groupings, as a screen, or in the understory. F... [ More ]
  26. Ginkgo Tree - Ginkgo biloba
    Also known as the Maidenhair Tree, the Ginkgo makes an excellent specimen tree with its unique triangular foliage and picturesque branching. Fits in well in the large landsca... [ More ]
  27. Holly - Ilex spp
    Holly trees are extremely useful evergreens that are suitable for screening, as accents around home foundations, or as large and stately specimens in the landscape. There is ... [ More ]
  28. Honeylocust - Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis
    An excellent lawn tree, the honeylocust offers a graceful habit and fine textured leaves. This native tree is perfect where you want light, filtered shade. The light shade per... [ More ]
  29. Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac - Syringa reticulata 'Ivory Silk'
    A small ornamental, deciduous tree or large shrub that can be used as a specimen, in the shrub border, or even as a street tree.... [ More ]
  30. Japanese Cryptomeria - Cryptomeria japonica
    A graceful, stately, and handsome evergreen tree that is best used as a specimen. It lends a bit of elegant airiness to the landscape. Some consider it as a possible alterna... [ More ]
  31. Japanese Snowbell - Styrax japonicus
    A small, handsome, ornamental tree useful for many situations: an excellent patio tree, a nice lawn specimen, suitable for small yards, and in the shrub border. Looks nice on... [ More ]
  32. Japanese Stewartia - Stewartia pseudocamelia
    This is one of the handsomest of medium-sized ornamental trees. The Japanese Stewartia has large camellia-like white flowers, an upright oval shape, and beautiful exfoliating ... [ More ]
  33. Japanese Zelkova - Zelkova serrata
    A very handsome tree with dark green foliage, its upright-arching branches make Zelkova a good choice as a street or driveway tree. Quite majestic with age. The Zelkova is o... [ More ]
  34. Kousa Dogwood - Cornus kousa
    A most elegant tree with four-season interest. Much more sun tolerant, and hardier than the native dogwood, Cornus florida. Very resistant to Discula,the organism that caus... [ More ]
  35. Kwanzan Cherry - Prunus serrulata 'Kwanzan'
    In the spring, the deep pink, double flowers of the Kwanzan Cherry are incredible! The Kwanzan blooms as its new leaves are emerging. The color of the new leaves varies from f... [ More ]
  36. Leyland Cypress - Cupressocyparis leylandii
    A large and noble needle evergreen tree, widely used today for screening and hedges. Its density, fast growth rate, and ability to be pruned makes it a perfect candidate for ... [ More ]
  37. Littleleaf Linden - Tilia cordata
    The Littleleaf Linden is a handsome tree for use as a shade or street tree for large areas.... [ More ]
  38. London Planetree - Platanus x acerifolia
    This is a hybrid of the American Sycamore, providing improved foliage and disease resistance. A majestic shade tree for large and open spaces. The creamy-white, exfoliating b... [ More ]
  39. Norway Spruce - Picea abies
    A large, stately evergreen which develops graceful, pendulous branches with age. Often used as a large specimen or as a windbreak/screen alternative to the Leyland Cypress. ... [ More ]
  40. Nuttall Oak - Quercus nuttallii
    A superior specimen tree for large areas. The Nuttall displays deeply lobed lustrous green foliage.... [ More ]
  41. October Glory Red Maple - Acer rubrum 'October Glory'
    An excellent shade tree for the lawn or street with gorgeous fall color. It is durable: the Eveready Bunny of shade trees. Similar to the 'Red Sunset' Red Maple, differin... [ More ]
  42. Okame Cherry - Prunus campanulata 'Okame'
    This upright-oval flowering cherry has received greater garden press than any other cherry. Rich pink flowers appear before the dark green leaves in March and April. It has ... [ More ]
  43. Paperbark Maple - Acer griseum
    A specimen tree of small to medium size. It has a very distinctive red-brown or cinnamon colored peeling bark. A tree not only for the plant enthusiast or collector, but, bec... [ More ]
  44. Pin Oak - Quercus palustris
    A stately shade and specimen tree for large areas. Pin Oaks retain many of their leaves in the winter, providing seasonal interest.... [ More ]
  45. Princeton Elm - Ulmus americana
    A newer cultivar of the stately American Elm said to have good resistance to elm leaf beetle and Dutch Elm Disease. Large, leathery dark green foliage.... [ More ]
  46. Red Oak - Quercus rubra
    The Red Oak is a large, stately tree, well-suited to provide shade, or for street planting.... [ More ]
  47. Red Sunset Maple - Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset'
    An excellent shade tree for the lawn or street with beautiful fall foliage. Like its cousin,'October Glory' Red Maple, it is a durable and tolerant tree. It differs slight... [ More ]
  48. River Birch - Betula nigra
    This very handsome native specimen tree is most loved for its exfoliating bark. The river birch has creamy-white bark which begins to peel within the first few years after pla... [ More ]
  49. Scarlet Curls Willow - Salix matsudana 'Scarlet Curls'
    A medium sized tree for use as a specimen beside a pond or stream or at the back of the property. The newer stems are red in winter with older branches being golden brown. ... [ More ]
  50. Scarlet Oak - Quercus coccinea
    A fine street and lawn specimen tree for larger areas. A nice oak for texture and form, and is quite adaptable to many habitats. Excellent glossy dark green foliage.... [ More ]
  51. Serbian Spruce - Picea omorika
    The Serbian Spruce is one of the most graceful and beautiful of the spruces. It has a slender trunk and short drooping branches. No other spruce grows as tall and remains as n... [ More ]
  52. Serviceberry 'Autumn Brilliance' - Amelanchier x grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance'
    A lovely, small, native tree, excellent for naturalizing at the edge of woodlands or used as a specimen.... [ More ]
  53. Southern Magnolia - Magnolia grandiflora
    A stately and handsome evergreen tree most often identified with the south. There are varieties such as DD Blanchard, Edith Bogue, Teddy Bear and Little Gem (see below) that w... [ More ]
  54. Sugar Maple - Acer saccharum
    The Sugar Maple is a handsome shade tree. It is excellent when planted as a lawn or street tree. The upright oval shape makes it a perfect candidate for lining driveways. The ... [ More ]
  55. Sweet Gum - Liquidambar styraciflua
    This native tree displays some of the best fall foliage imaginable. The lustrous dark green leaves turn gorgeous shades of yellow, orange, red and purple.... [ More ]
  56. Thundercloud Plum - Prunus cerasifera 'Thundercloud'
    The Thundercloud Plum is famous for its deep purple foliage that remains true throughout the growing season. A wonderful accent tree or small shade tree that is particularly n... [ More ]
  57. Trident Maple - Acer buergerianum
    An excellent small shade tree for the patio, the lawn, along a street, or a townhouse. Deserving of much greater use given that it has nice fall foliage and attractive bark ... [ More ]
  58. Tulip Poplar - Liriodendron tulipifera
    Description: One of the tallest of our native eastern American deciduous trees, its wood is used for furniture and other products. The showy flowers depend on honeybees for c... [ More ]
  59. Vanderwolf Pine - Pinus flexilis
    Dense, broad, pyramidal evergreen tree when young maturing to a low, broad, flat topped tree. Great for a lawn specimen, accent tree, or for a wind break.... [ More ]
  60. Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar - Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca Pendula'
    A majestic and gorgeous evergreen tree to be used as a specimen. It has bluish needles; the branches cascade like water over rocks. Must be staked to develop a strong leader.... [ More ]
  61. Weeping Cherry - Prunus subhirtella 'Pendula'
    The graceful weeping branches make this a popular accent tree. During the spring, when in bloom, the tree looks like a waterfall of flowers.... [ More ]
  62. Weeping Willow - Salix babylonica
    A graceful, refined tree with branches sweeping the ground. Suitable for use as a specimen along a creek or pond or toward the rear of a large property. The willow should no... [ More ]
  63. White Fringetree - Chionanthus virginicus
    A beautiful small tree or large shrub for use as a specimen, in the border, or in groups. This under-used native tree brings refinement, dignity, and class to any garden.... [ More ]
  64. White Oak - Quercus alba.
    The White Oak is the Maryland State Tree. A majestic shade and specimen tree for large areas, the famous Wye Oak, in Wye Mills, Md., is a White Oak. Because of its taproot sy... [ More ]
  65. White Pine - Pinus strobus
    One of the most ornamental and beautiful native evergreen trees, its gracefulness makes it an excellent choice for use as a specimen for large properties. Often used for scre... [ More ]
  66. Willow Oak - Quercus phellos
    A fine street and lawn specimen tree for larger areas. A nice oak for texture and form, and is quite adaptable to many habitats.... [ More ]
  67. Winter King Hawthorn - Crataegus viridis
    Lustrous dark green foliage, white flowers and 3/8" diameter, red fruit are outstanding. Excellent choice as a small ornamental tree. Beautiful against an evergreen backgro... [ More ]
  68. Yoshino Cherry - Prunus x yedonensis
    This is the tree planted at the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. When in bloom the effect is spectacular, beautiful when planted, in groups or, as a single specimen. Varieties ... [ More ]


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