Crape Myrtle Tuscarora Lagerstroemia indica 'Tuscarora'

Crape Myrtle Tuscarora
Crape Myrtle Tuscarora
  • An explosion of rich coral-pink summer flowers bloom for weeks
  • New leaves are tinged with red, become dark-green in summer and take on fiery shades of orange-red in fall
  • Exceptional light-brown, mottled bark provides year-round interest
  • Blooms in summer
  • Full Sun
  • 15-20' tall and wide
  • Deciduous, loses leaves in fall
  • Zone: 6 to 9
Size  Plant Price  Planting Price  Total Price   
15 gallon pot  235.00  50.00 FREE  235.00  Select
6'  325.00  50.00 FREE  325.00  Select
8'  425.00  110.00 FREE  425.00  Select
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Just so there are no surprises...

Stadler does not bring machinery to do the planting.
So remember — if you cannot get a shovel into the ground,
neither can we!


Is there an existing tree or shrub in the planting location?
Our free service does not include the removal of any existing plants. Please contact us if you need a removal estimate.

Did you have a stump ground down?
The standard method for grinding out a stump is to go 6" deep — enough to allow grass to grow. To plant a new tree, the stump removal must be ground down through the root plate (16-24"), along with major roots within the planting area. The wood chippings must be removed and the hole filled in with soil. If this was not done (which is generally the case), please contact your tree care professional and ask to have the site prepared according to our Stump Considerations.

If your new tree will be planted 10 feet or more from an existing stump you do not need to follow the stump considerations.

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