Commercial Landscaping Services

Stadler Nurseries has extensive experience in providing commercial landscape services ranging from foundation plantings to major renovations. With over 300 acres of trees, as well as shrubs and perennials grown at our nurseries in Frederick and Montgomery Counties, we are able to offer the commercial builder a unique blend of our extensive knowledge, tremendous variety of plant materials, and personalized service.

New Home Construction

Our services range from foundation planting to the design and installation of the entire site. Designs for special areas such as patios, driveways, screen plantings, or plantings that accommodate desirable views can be provided. Additionally, we provide an opportunity for the builder to offer the new home buyer a choice of several landscape package upgrades.

Commercial Real Estate

Our landscape design professionals can create plans to renovate particular areas such as foundations, planting islands, and important entrances and viewing areas. Also available are landscape designs for street trees and plantings for maximum vehicular and pedestrian traffic safety. A Master Planting Plan can be created for the renovation of the entire site.

Government Contracts & Public Buildings

Please send bid packages to Stadler Nurseries, P.O. Box 5009, Laytonsville, MD, 20882.


Land Development

Bio Retention Plantings


Our production crews have achieved a high standard of excellence in the industry. Their skills and experience in bed preparation, plant installation and construction are a source of great pride for them and us. We believe you will feel that way, too. We are insured for Workers Compensation and are licensed in Maryland as a home improvement contractor. (MHIC#770 and #51403)


We guarantee our work. All our trees, shrubs and ground covers have a 100 percent replacement guarantee for one year from the date of installation. Our staff is available to check your installation throughout your one-year warranty period to ensure the success of your investment. Terms and conditions of our warranty will be provided.

Contact Us

Please contact David Stadler at 301.944.1190 to discuss your landscaping project.

Landscaping Services