Tree Time!

MAR 11

Tree time at Stadler is here again! Now is the perfect time to plant trees in your yard for beauty, shade, or privacy, while being environmentally friendly and financially savvy. In addition to our free tree planting sale going on now, there are some super savings available to you. The state of Maryland offers a coupon for $25 off your native tree purchase. Visit the Marylanders Plant Trees website to see a list of qualifying native trees. (Save some paper; we already have these coupons at the register for you). Do you live in Montgomery County? Consider planning a rainscape garden and look into the RainScapes Rewards Program. The website provides details and an application for this program. In addition, The Montgomery County Planning Department has launched Leaves for Neighborhoods, which offers a $25 coupon for your tree purchase. You do the math, Maryland and MoCo folks; there are some tree-ific savings for you! If you reside in DC, there's a deal for you, too! Casey Trees is a rebate program offering up to $100 for qualifying trees you plant in your yard or place of business. If you Virginians out there know of any promotions for tree planting in your state, please let us know. We'd be delighted to share them. If not, go bug your local elected officials so Virginia can share in the tree savings. :-)

Wonder why there are so many state and county-based incentives for tree planting? Aside from the fact that trees are totally awesome, many states, including Maryland, are committed to being environmentally conscientious, encouraging ecologically sound practices, especially on a local level. Planting trees is one way we can contribute to this vision. Here are our top 5 (+1 for good measure) reasons we love trees:

  1. An average tree produces enough oxygen in one year to keep a family of four breathing
  2. Planted in the right spot, trees can cut air conditioning costs by an estimated 30% and can reduce energy use for heating by 20-50%
  3. Trees provide shelter and resources for birds, mammals and insects.
  4. Trees make people feel better. Studies show trees reduce stress, help us relax and even lower heart rates
  5. Trees provide beauty and functionality such as privacy, barriers of wind and sound, and can help trap pollution if planted near a street
  6. Trees are an investment in future generations- tree houses, tree forts, hammocks, tire swings, memorial trees, climbing apple trees can all be treasured parts of your family's story