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Shady Situations

You've planted trees. The woods have thickened around your house. Your neighbors built an addition (and you kind of wish they checked with you first). All of the sudden, you notice the sunny spot in your yard is now a shady spot. In the yard I grew up in, my family worked hard to create sun-loving gardens bordering a bricked pool area. Over time, trees in the surrounding landscape and wood line grew and their canopies greedily blocked our sunshine.


Heavenly Heuchera

Selecting a variety of Heuchera is like choosing an ice cream flavor; there is one for every taste. With origins from the coast of California to the cliffs of Connecticut, Heuchera is a true American native whose diverse habitats make it a perfect fit for many tricky spots. Since providing Native Americans with a wound-treating remedy, Heuchera has come a long way.


Patience with Impatiens


When it comes to impatiens, patience is now the name of the game. Beginning in 2012, cases of impatiens downy mildew have been confirmed in our area.  Impatiens downy mildew, or Plasmopara obducens, is a fungal disease that thrives in moist conditions, enjoying the heavy dew and high humidity that our summers can bring. It is transmitted by windborne spores or by physical contact - even hands, garden gloves and tools can spread the fungal spores.