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'Northwind' Will Blow You Away! An Interview with the Perennial of the Year

Winning awards isn't just for movie stars, musicians and the like; plants also compete for accolades. Each year since 1990, the Perennial Plant Association nominates a number of perennials that can stand up to some tough criteria: relative disease and pest resistance, suitability for a wide range of climatic conditions, low maintenance, availability and multiple seasons of interest.


Oh Deer! An Early Defense Is Your Best Bet


You might not be thinking of deer prevention in the beginning of April, but an early start is the best way to strengthen your defenses against your garden's natural predators, especially deer. While new spring growth offers deer a fresh plate of greens to munch on, they will undoubtedly wander into your garden, checking for new treats. Think of it this way: When you come home from the grocery store, does it seem like family members appear from out of the woodwork to see what goodies you've picked up? Deer are very similar to your investigating, hungry relatives.