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Mum's the Word

The fall season is reminiscent of certain traditional staples; apple cider, pumpkin patches, raking leaves, football games, sweater weather, and of course, mums. While cool-season months are their time to shine, summertime is when we have chrysanthemums on the brain. You might not think to look at them, but a lot of diligent care and old fashioned gardener patience go into bringing you bright, bushy, compact, and colorful mums. Let me tell you their story.


Give Mother Nature a Hand and Deadhead!

Your gardens probably look beautiful right now. Your perennials are up and your annuals are well-established, putting forth a bounty of blooms. However, this picture-perfect scene can quickly fade. As we progress further into the season, the summer months continue to bring heat and humidity contributing to a shabby, bloomed-out look in your gardens. Fear not, this less attractive stage does not have to last. You can give Mother Nature a helping hand in forcing fresh growth and more blooms by deadheading.