Oh Deer! An Early Defense Is Your Best Bet

APR 01

You might not be thinking of deer prevention in the beginning of April, but an early start is the best way to strengthen your defenses against your garden's natural predators, especially deer. While new spring growth offers deer a fresh plate of greens to munch on, they will undoubtedly wander into your garden, checking for new treats. Think of it this way: When you come home from the grocery store, does it seem like family members appear from out of the woodwork to see what goodies you've picked up? Deer are very similar to your investigating, hungry relatives. While your spring planting is underway, deer will be sniffing around to determine if your new plants excite their ever-changing palate and whether or not your yard is worth revisiting once other food sources run low. Remember, a single deer can eat up to ten pounds of food a day…it won't be long before a usual grazing spot becomes insufficient. The best way to ensure exploring deer will not develop a keen taste for your garden's goodies is to apply a spring-time application of Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent (according to the directions on the label), around the perimeter of your gardens. This environmentally safe, biodegradable product will not harm animals. Instead, once deer (or rabbits) get a whiff, the repellent will gently dissuade early diners from ordering anything from your garden's menu.

In addition to using a repellent, such as Liquid Fence, we can keep the deer away by gardening smart. While finding "deer-resistant" plants can be a challenge - a deer will eat anything if hungry enough - we can avoid using plants we know are favorites among deer. These can include: azaleas, roses, rhododendrons, hosta, daylilies, pansies, yews, arborvitae, Leyland cypress, and camellias. For plants that are considered more "deer resistant" read through the list on the University of Maryland's Extension site. We use this list as well, and have special deer signs to mark our plants at the nursery to help you in your plant selections. We know your yard is an investment, so protect it…and the earlier the better!