Life on the Balcony: Container Gardening

MAY 20

Whether you live on acres of green or you can measure your green in inches, container gardening can be for every yard. For a while, I lived in a high-rise apartment building in Key Largo, Florida…the only green I saw belonged to a tennis court below me. Being short on space, but not wanting to give up my love of flowers and gardening, I created a tropical oasis of potted plants on my balcony. It quickly became my favorite "room" in my apartment.

Even though I no longer live in a high-rise, my days of balcony living have influenced how I think about gardening. Container gardening allows you to create areas of interest while (if the need exists) being conscientious of space.  Potted plants, window boxes, hanging baskets, the trendy (indoor and outdoor) wall-hanging-planters, etc are perfect for accomplishing a mobile, manageable and easily modifiable garden; it is the ultimate in flexibility! Here are some of my favorite container ideas:

Flipping through catalogs is great for inspiration. From cover to cover, Stadler Nurseries can show you how to get these Pottery Barn looks for your home and garden:

Photography taken from  Spring 2013 Pottery Barn Catalog: See

Pinterest boards offer a wealth of garden inspiration. Here are some unconventional container ideas:

Inspirational pictures from

Whatever your style, be creative and have fun with container gardening!