Heavenly Heuchera

JUN 03

Selecting a variety of Heuchera is like choosing an ice cream flavor; there is one for every taste. With origins from the coast of California to the cliffs of Connecticut, Heuchera is a true American native whose diverse habitats make it a perfect fit for many tricky spots. Since providing Native Americans with a wound-treating remedy, Heuchera has come a long way. From its utilitarian roots, Heuchera has developed into a highly adaptable, aesthetically pleasing, deer and disease resistant plant. With such favorable qualities, breeders have assembled a plethora of hybrids, securing this sweet treat a timeless spot in every shade garden and container!

A particularly lovely species of Heuchera is the villosa hybrid. Heuchera villosa is a native species found along the east coast - from New York to Alabama. It is easily distinguished by its large, almost fuzzy, velvet foliage and its late blooming characteristics. In addition to being tolerant of heat and humidity, this type of Heuchera was also bred to be cold-hardy, making it a fabulous option for a shade container. Heuchera villosa is easy to grow and the number of selections available offer bountiful opportunities to add phenomenal color in a shady border, planted en masse, are perfect for a rock garden, and do exceptionally well in containers. A few of our favorite Heuchera villosa are Heuchera 'Caramel,' Heuchera 'Citronelle,' and Heuchera 'Mocha.'

If you are getting tired of the usual shade annual and perennial suspects, try using Heuchera! As the days warm up, remember to add a few scoops of 'Caramel', 'Citronelle' or 'Mocha' Heuchera to keep your garden looking as cool as your triple layer ice cream cone on a hot day!

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