Gotta Love this Earth!

APR 22

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Today, let's take a moment to appreciate the wonder and beauty that is our planet. Full of natural resources, incredible landscapes, plants, animals and insects with jaw-dropping features, unexpected patterns, colors not even Crayola could come up with; our world gives us much to appreciate and respect. Though I love writing and value expression through words, I do admit our language has limitations. Sometimes it's best to let pictures do the talking (they say a picture is worth a thousand words or something like that, but after all, I'm just a blogger?!) I think these pictures visually express just how truly awesome our planet is. These were taken from Amazing Earth's Facebook page, (you should "like" it to see more cool pictures), or check out their webpage, Here are some of my favorites:

As we look at these pictures (and say wow, I wish I got out of the house more often), our marveling may lead to hoping that sights like these can be protected and preserved. Here at Stadler Nurseries, we are committed to being environmentally conscientious and supporting businesses who share similar values. Look for the Stadler Nurseries Eco-Easy logo on products for eco-friendly shopping and green gardening tips.