Get Your Berries On!

OCT 01
Beautyberry works great along hedges.
Beautyberry works great along hedges.
Beautyberry works great along hedges.
Beautyberry works great along hedges.
Elderberry is a native shrub that is deer-resistant.
Pyracantha can be grown as a shrub or trained to grow upright.

Brilliant foliage isn't the only way to have fall color in your gardens. Add another layer of color and interest by planting shrubs and perennials that have beautiful berries. You'll also invite more birds to your yard by providing an additional food source. Need some inspiration? Try one or more of these winners...

This native shrub gets its name from Native American healers who considered it a wise 
"elder" plant because of its properties to provide health and vitality. The edible berries are loved by all sorts of animals. 
Elderberry shrubs are extremely adaptable and easy to grow. They are deer resistant. Most varieties grow 6'+ and work best in the back of the border or to provide accent in front of evergreen privacy screens. New varieties, such as Black Lace, offer gorgeous foliage spring, summer and fall.

The iridescent-purple berries must be seen to be believed! Gorgeous color covers this large shrub in the fall. The foliage turns a soft yellow offering even more color. While the berries are edible to birds, they are not a particular favorite, so you'll enjoy the berries well into the season. Plant along a wood line or as a hedge along the perimeter of the yard. 

Bright orange pyracantha berries are an autumn staple! Left on its own, pyracantha will grow into a large shrub. Interestingly, pyracantha can be attached to a trellis and trained to grow upright on a fence, chimney or wall. While it is considered a semi-evergreen, it does remain green most winters. Branches do have thorns, like roses do, so handle with care. The plants can be used as an effective barrier to discourage foot traffic as well.

Other plants to consider include: winterberry holly, cotoneaster, viburnum and evergreen hollies.