Don't Turn Up Your Nose at Goldenrod!

SEP 12

First things first... Goldenrod does not cause hay fever. Many people forgo this wonderful plant because they are afraid it will aggravate their hay fever symptoms. This long-standing garden myth is simply not true. Solidago's, aka Goldenrod's, pollen is too heavy to float in the air.

Solidago is Super!

  • Provides gorgeous yellow color in the mid to late autumn
  • This native plant is loved by butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators. It is especially loved by Monarch butterflies. Goldenrod is a particularly important source of fall nectar
  • Almost too easy to grow! Plant in full sun to partial shade; drought tolerant once established
  • Some varieties are more vigorous than others - if you have a smaller space try a dwarf variety such as Golden Fleece, Golden Rockets or Little Miss Sunshine
  • Marvelous flower for cutting for arrangements