Posts by Month, Year: September, 2018

What About All Those Spotty Leaves?

Whew, what a year it has been! First weeks and weeks of rainy cool weather in the spring followed by a long stretch of extremely hot, dry days in mid-summer. And when we just couldn't take any more of the heat, it rained for days and days in late July which just ramped up our usual August humidity. All the fluctuations in the weather this year have really taken a toll on our garden plants.


Don't Turn Up Your Nose at Goldenrod!

First things first... Goldenrod does not cause hay fever. Many people forgo this wonderful plant because they are afraid it will aggravate their hay fever symptoms. This long-standing garden myth is simply not true. Solidago's, aka Goldenrod's, pollen is too heavy to float in the air.


Raking Leaves Isn't as Good as Mowing Them!

Next to pulling weeds, raking leaves is probably our least favorite garden task. But wait! The fallen leaves can actually be a great benefit to your lawn. Instead of raking, bagging and disposing of the leaves, use a mulching mower and turn the leaves into compost.


Semi-Annual Tree Sale

People often ask, "When is the best time to plant a tree?" The best time to plant a tree is always today! As long as the ground is not frozen, tree planting can happen year-round. Next you may ask, "When is the best time to be financially savvy while buying a tree?" The time is now! Our tree planting sale begins September 13 and runs through October 14.