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85 Years and Counting!

Stadler Nurseries was founded by Paul and Rebecca Stadler in 1932. Paul was a Swiss immigrant who arrived in the United States with just a few dollars in his pocket, not knowing a soul or a word of English. He started his career as a personal gardener working for people living in Georgetown and growing plants for his customers.  He met his future wife, Rebecca, while landscaping an inn in Washington where she worked in the kitchen.  A shift from personal gardeners to landscape companies led Paul and Rebecca to turn their attention to growing trees and opening a garden center.


Turning a Brown Thumb Green: Common Garden Mistakes and Easy Fixes

We've heard it before, the opening line of every timid gardener seeking help at the nursery: "I have a brown thumb; I kill everything!" Put that negative attitude to rest once and for all! Learn from these common mistakes and turn that brown thumb green with these easy fixes. Let's start with "Death by Smothering."


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One of the prettiest groundcovers is Moss Phlox, Phlox subulata. This lovely perennial wildflower blooms profusely with masses of star-shaped flowers from early spring - May. The flowers come in a rainbow of colors. Blooms may range from pale to hot pink and magenta. Other varieties offer shades of soft lavender-blue and white. Some cultivars offer stripes or blotches of complimentary colors. Gorgeous color isn't the only thing this native plant offers.


A Prince of a Tree - Now You Can Plant One in Your Yard

Throughout the eastern half of the United States, The American elm was the quintessential tree lining Main Street for our parents and grandparents. This tree was so beloved that cities lined elms on almost every block, earning those cities nicknames such as "Forest City" and "City of Elms." The Ulmus Americana has the distinction of being the state tree of North Dakota and Massachusetts. The American elm was the standard against which other shade trees were measured, and became the most popular shade tree for lawns and city streets.