Posts by Month, Year: May, 2016

Meet Your New Favorite Plant: Sunrosa Roses

We all love the non-stop color and easy-care of Knock Out roses, but their size can be too large for many garden spaces. Fortunately, an exciting new series of roses has been introduced: the Sunrosa Collection. Their compact habit make them the ideal choice for a small to mid-size landscape. And you'll fall in love with their flowers that bloom spring- fall!


My Plants Won't Bloom: Troubleshoot Here!

You spend hours pouring over gardening books, magazines, and websites looking for the perfect blooming plants for your gardens. You make your selections, plant your plants and then wait, anticipating a magnificent show. And then…no blooms! Why?! By asking a few questions, you can troubleshoot here:


A Real Winner in the Garden

Looking for a long-blooming, heat-tolerant perennial that will grow in sun or partial shade?  Award-winning Rozanne Geranium just might be the answer.