Posts by Month, Year: August, 2013

Butterflies Abound

Taking a stroll through my neighborhood with my sister, we passed a home with two magnificent butterfly bushes flanking a barn-style shed. The deep purple spikes attracted a frenzy of fluttering commotion - over a dozen swallowtails hovered over each bush. My sister remarked, "Wow, butterfly bushes really do work!" Although I know these plants to be marvelous for attracting their namesake, this season, more so than most, I've noticed a bevy of butterfly activity everywhere.


America's First Rare Plant: The Franklin Tree

You have the perfect spot. It's just begging for a special tree, something unique. But every tree that comes to mind has already been done; not that there is anything wrong with using a classic, throwing neighborhood uniformity a curve every once in a while would be fun, right? Here's a solution: How about a Franklin tree? Never heard of it?  You are not alone.


The Summer Icon: Watermelon

The watermelon is an iconic summer fruit, a juicy, refreshing treat that no picnic or barbeque should be without. While it is undoubtedly an American staple, its roots are an ocean away and centuries old. The watermelon is indigenous to the Kalahari Desert of Africa, where botanists have found its wild ancestors still growing. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics depict stories of their ancient harvest and watermelon seeds were often included in the tombs of kings as a source of afterlife nourishment.


Small Spaces? Think Vertical!

If you are like me and have a small yard, creating space in the garden is an issue. In my case, living in downtown Frederick means that I have an itty bitty yard completely fenced in by a brick wall. Standing with one hand on my hip, the other hand holding a shovel, I felt defeated by space. Then I remembered my day-planner's motivational one-liner written boldly across the page: "If you do not raise your eyes, you will think that you are the highest point" Antonio Porchi.