Posts by Month, Year: July, 2013

Using Herbs

"I have so much [insert herb name here] and don't know how to use it all!" Come summer time, your herb gardens are thriving and you want to be able to harvest the rewards. But if you are like me, you might be running out of ideas - there are only so times I can have a mojito in each hand with the excuse, "I need to use up this mint!" So here are some uses, both culinary and homeopathic, for the common herbs you might have bundles of.


Shady Situations

You've planted trees. The woods have thickened around your house. Your neighbors built an addition (and you kind of wish they checked with you first). All of the sudden, you notice the sunny spot in your yard is now a shady spot. In the yard I grew up in, my family worked hard to create sun-loving gardens bordering a bricked pool area. Over time, trees in the surrounding landscape and wood line grew and their canopies greedily blocked our sunshine.



The season for back yard living is upon us. You open your home to family, friends and neighbors. You host cookouts, pool parties, and make time for casual evenings of catch up on the front porch. And who always shows up to crash the party? Mosquitoes! To protect yourself and guests from these biting bugs, you have options: You can hand out full-body suits as welcome gifts, you can host your party in the Arctic, or drape mosquito nets from your rooftop.


Making the Most of The Rain

In the midst of sticky summer heat, I can't help but look forward to an evening shower to wash away the humidity and breathe cool, fresh life into the air. I know I am not the only one who enjoys the event; the hot, dry earth must also rejoice in the wet relief. Water trickles down into the soil and thirsty roots take up their fill, while animals and insects alike gather around pools teeming with hydration.


The Triumphant Tomato!

There is nothing like being able to harvest fruits and vegetables from your own backyard. My backyard-favorite is the tomato. Tuh-MAY-toh or tuh-MAH-to - proper pronunciation is hardly the first debate this plant has faced.  From its once misunderstood past, the tomato has come a long way in kitchens and gardens across the world.