Posts by Month, Year: April, 2013

Edibles: Goods from the Garden with Kris

Our gardens are a bountiful source of rewards, especially if you plan to include edibles. Our guest blogger, and Stadler Nurseries sales associate, Kris, shares a family favorite recipe with us here!

One of the many pleasures of gardening is growing your own produce.  In my own garden most of the space is devoted to trees, shrubs and flowering perennials.  However, I have reserved a sunny corner for raspberry and blackberry canes, blueberry bushes and a small vegetable garden.


Patience with Impatiens


When it comes to impatiens, patience is now the name of the game. Beginning in 2012, cases of impatiens downy mildew have been confirmed in our area.  Impatiens downy mildew, or Plasmopara obducens, is a fungal disease that thrives in moist conditions, enjoying the heavy dew and high humidity that our summers can bring. It is transmitted by windborne spores or by physical contact - even hands, garden gloves and tools can spread the fungal spores.


Gotta Love this Earth!

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Today, let's take a moment to appreciate the wonder and beauty that is our planet. Full of natural resources, incredible landscapes, plants, animals and insects with jaw-dropping features, unexpected patterns, colors not even Crayola could come up with; our world gives us much to appreciate and respect. Though I love writing and value expression through words, I do admit our language has limitations.


Just Add Water!

Do you have a planting project, but are short on time? Is your back a little stiff? Maybe the thought of putting on work boots and grabbing a shovel isn't your idea of weekend fun? We've all been there and now Stadler Nurseries can help! We are excited to introduce our quick, easy and inexpensive planting service, Just Add Water.


Perennial Plant Association Names the 2013 Perennial of the Year

The red carpet was rolled out. The stars of the garden blossomed. (Did you see what Miss Peony was wearing? Scandalous! And who was driving Miss Daisy?)But the fanfare is now over. The votes are in. Each contending perennial quietly awaits the ballots tally. Soon a winner will be announced. Each plant knows what it takes to get here: standing up to the high standards of the Perennial Plant Association is no task for the weak-stemmed.


Oh Deer! An Early Defense Is Your Best Bet


You might not be thinking of deer prevention in the beginning of April, but an early start is the best way to strengthen your defenses against your garden's natural predators, especially deer. While new spring growth offers deer a fresh plate of greens to munch on, they will undoubtedly wander into your garden, checking for new treats. Think of it this way: When you come home from the grocery store, does it seem like family members appear from out of the woodwork to see what goodies you've picked up? Deer are very similar to your investigating, hungry relatives.