Posts by Month, Year: March, 2013

Rot is Hot: Composting


"Take out the trash!" I can still hear my mom's voice call from the kitchen as I bounded out the front door. Taking out the trash has been a relatively thoughtless chore for as long as I can remember. We've been programmed to trash the clutter, throw away the scraps, and get rid of the excess (after all, no one wants to end up on the show Hoarders…).


Landscaping: Early Planning, Early Rewards

Landscape Plan

Looking out your window, what do you see? Do you have a yard that works for you, or is it time for some changes? Whether you take on landscaping projects yourself or want to meet with a professional designer, now is the time to consider the function of your yard. Do your gardens need to be child-friendly, a safe haven that is cheerful, fun and protected?


Tree Time!

Tree time at Stadler is here again! Now is the perfect time to plant trees in your yard for beauty, shade, or privacy, while being environmentally friendly and financially savvy. In addition to our free tree planting sale going on now, there are some super savings available to you. The state of Maryland offers a coupon for $25 off your native tree purchase.


Garden Prep: Your March To-Do List

Winter is waning, spring is finally upon us. As the sun shines a little bit longer each day, we gardeners are anxious to get back into our gardens. Before getting started arm yourself with a checklist for each month during spring. In March, begin by getting your gear ready. Take a few minutes to make sure all of your gardening tools are in good condition and ready to use.