Efficient Watering

Watering your plants is essential to their good health and vigor. Newly installed plants should be watered frequently and deeply. (For detailed watering instructions, please click here.) Water is a precious resource and should not be wasted. There are several products that can be used to maximize the efficiency of your watering.

Soaker Hoses

Made from recycled materials, these hoses water slowly and use up to 70% less water. Because they run so slowly, soaker hoses must be left on for at least 6 hours to provide enough water for your plants. Since the hoses weep, not spray, it is safe to run the water overnight. For greater convenience, you can use a timer that will turn the water on and off automatically.

The maximum recommended length of 50' provides consistent watering the entire length of the hose. Be sure the hose is looped close to the trunk on top of the plant's rootball. Monitor the water flow closely after the first few uses to insure that the area around the rootball is being adequately saturated. Then periodically check the performance of the soaker hose to be sure there are no blockages.

Treegator Bags

Treegator bags are an ideal watering system for newly planted trees. They are easy to use and last for years. The water drips onto the rootball for 5-8 hours providing 100% water absorption with no runoff.

Watering Wands and Shut-Off Valves

We use watering wands because they provide a gentle rain-like flow of water, which is easier to direct to the plant roots. Regardless of what type of nozzle you use, it is essential to have a shut-off valve attached to the hose. This will prevent wasting of water as the flow of water can be shut off without having to go back to the spigot.

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