Weed and Pest Control Approved for Organic Gardening

Stadler carries a wide range of products which are approved for organic gardening. These products offer easy and effective control and are safe for honeybees, ladybugs and other beneficial insects.

The most important tool a gardener has to prevent insects and diseases is to keep her plants healthy. Healthy plants are less likely to be bothered with insects and disease than plants which are under stress. And if a problem does occur, if it is caught quickly, you are more likely to be able to control it with an organic product.

What causes plant stress? Plants which are planted in the wrong location, such as shade loving plants planted in the sun or plants which are planted too close together will be stressed for their entire lifespan. Another major source of plant stress is too much or not enough water. Temperature extremes, soil compaction and improper pruning can also cause plants to be stressed.

It is also very important to monitor your plants. This is easily done by simply observing any minor changes in the plant's appearance. Walk through your gardens regularly - once a week is ideal. It is easier to cure a small problem than a big one. Noticing and controlling a few insects, for example, is easier than controlling an infestation. While organic controls are effective, they are significantly less effective as the insect population increases.

To control a garden pest (weed, insect or disease), you must first identify the problem and the plant. The product label will specify which pests the product will control and which plants it is safe to use on. The label will also direct the best time and how often to apply the product.

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