Red Hollies Hybrids

A terrific new group of hollies have been developed! The Red Holly Hybrids are seedling selections from another holly hybrid, Ilex "Mary Nell." Each of these new varieties has its own unique color, texture, color and shape providing new diversity in the landscape.

The Red Holly Hybrids are easy to grow and care for. They can be planted in full sun or shade, but prefer part shade - a sunny location with some shady hours. As is the case with all broad-leafed evergreens, it is best to plant hollies where they will be protected from damaging winter winds. All of the Red Holly varieties are hardy to USDA Zone 6. It appears that the Red Hollies are also fairly deer resistant!

Festive Holly — Ilex "Festive": "Festive" is a dense, medium sized evergreen tree. It grows 12' tall and 8' wide. The spiny, stiff foliage is a rich dark green and shiny. Because of its tight growth habit, "Festive" can be easily maintained as a sheared pyramid and is perfect for a small garden accent.

Oakleaf Holly — Ilex "Oakleaf": "Oakleaf" is the most upright in the series. Its tall, pyramidal shape grows 14' tall and 8' wide. Because of its height, the Oakleaf Holly is perfect for a tall hedge or large specimen. The leaves are emerald green and look similar to an oak leaf. This holly is very cold hardy and adds a strong architectural element to your landscape design.

Little Red Holly — Ilex "Little Red": This holly is incredibly versatile. It has the smallest growth habit of the Red Hollies as it grows 10' tall and 6' wide. It can be used in the landscape as a small, pyramidal specimen, foundation plant, or a medium-growing hedge. The new growth has a maroon color and the leaves have a rich green color and traditional holly shape. Very elegant.

Robin Holly — Ilex "Robin": "Robin" produces lovely, dark green leaves. The new growth is predominately maroon. This female cultivar produces abundant red berries. Robin is very similar to Nellie Stevens Holly in size and cold hardiness. It grows 14' tall and 8' wide and makes a great specimen or tall hedge. This holly has the look and winter interest of an American holly without the overwhelming size.

The Red Holly Hybrids have been very well received by landscapers as well as home gardeners. They promise to become a much loved favorite in years to come.

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