Try This Deer-Resistant Groundcover

APR 13

A member of the mint family, Lamium quickly creates a carpet of lovely two-toned foliage. Plant in a shady to partly-shady area. You can plant Lamium in more sun provided it has adequate soil moisture. Since Lamium is a sturdy plant, do not pair it with delicate plants such as columbine and bleeding hearts because the Lamium may out grow them.

While Lamium is grown mostly for it's patterned  foliage, dainty snapdragon-like flowers of pink, purple or white, bloom April to June. Removing the dead flowers (deadheading) will prolong the blooming period.

Deer and other pests should not be a problem with this versatile groundcover.

Popular varieties include:

Beacon Silver

  • Prefers more shade than the other varieties
  • Metallic-silver leaves are edged in green
  • Pink flowers
  • Bronze fall foliage color
  • Grows 8" tall
  • Plant 18" apart

Shell Pink

  • Tolerates poor soils
  • Can handle dry shade under trees
  • Lovely green and white variegation
  • Soft-pink flowers
  • Grows 6-8" tall
  • Plant 18" apart

White Nancy

  • Green-edged silver leaves
  • White flowers
  • Grows 6-8" tall
  • Plant 18" apart

Red Nancy

  • Shiny foliage with silver-edged leaves
  • Very rosy-pink flowers
  • Tolerates dry shade
  • Grows 8-10" tall
  • Plant 18" apart

Purple Dragon

  • Silver foliage edged in dark green
  • Very large, dark-purple flowers
  • Good drought and heat tolerance
  • Grows 6" tall
  • Plant 18" apart