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MAR 22

Moss Phlox (also known as creeping phlox) is a colorful addition to perennial borders or rock gardens. It is particularly lovely if allowed to drape over a low wall. It's dense, mat-forming, evergreen foliage makes it an effective groundcover on hillsides.

Moss Phlox flourishes in full sun, and is even happier if it receives a bit of afternoon shade. While it prefers average soil, it will become fairly drought tolerant once it becomes established, making it a good choice for Xeriscapes.

This native plant provides valuable early season nectar for swallowtail butterflies, day flying sphinx moths (like hummingbird moths and clearwing moths) and hummingbirds.

Not a fan of maintenance? Then this is the plant for you! This reliable groundcover is resistant to most pests. It does not need to be cut back in the late-fall; however, you may want to give it a light shearing after it blooms to keep the plant tidy. You may be rewarded from this effort by a reblooming later in the season.